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Out-of-State-Owners of X-ray Equipment for use in Ohio

Out-of-State Owners Approval Request Required for Out-of State Demonstrators, Installers or Facilities That Provide Loaner or Demo X-ray Equipment

Out-of-State demonstrators, installers and companies that provide loaner or demo x-ray equipment in the State of Ohio must be registered and are required to submit the approval form reporting all events, trade shows, demonstrations, training, installations and loaners. Reporting and the submission of the request for approval is required three (3) State working days, Monday - Friday excluding holidays in advance and approval from Ohio Department of Health is required before use in Ohio via e-mail to xrayreg@odh.ohio.gov

No person or facility shall bring any radiation-generating equipment (RGE) into the State of Ohio, for any temporary use, unless such person or facility has given written notice to the Ohio Department of Health at least three (3) working days before the RGE is to be used in the State AND received approval for the use of the RGE. This notice must include the type of RGE, the nature, duration, scope of use, and the exact location(s) where the RGE is to be used and the registration number for the assembler and the Ohio facility. Ohio Department of Health will respond to the same day.