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X-ray Equipment Tube Types

A listing of radiation-generating equipment (RGE) of x-ray equipment tube types that are regulated by the Ohio Department of Health. 

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M1  Radiographic (Stationary)
M2  Radiographic (Mobile)
M3  Bone Densitometry
M4  C.T. (Computerized Tomography)
M5  Mammography
M6   Stereotactic Biopsy
M7   Fluoroscopic: Under Table
M8   Fluoroscopic: Above Table
M9   Fluoroscopic: C-Arm (Stationary)
M10   Fluoroscopic: C-Arm (Mobile)
M11   Fluoroscopic: C-Arm (Miniature)
M12   Fluoroscopic: Lateral
M13   Cone Beam C.T.
M14   Radiographic Slot-Scan (2D/3D imaging)


D1   Intraoral
D2   Panoral
D3   Extraoral other than Panoral
D4   Extraoral with Intraoral
D5   Extraoral with Panoral
D6   Dental C.T.
D7   Hand-held Dental
D8   Dental C.T. with Extraoral


T1   Operates below 250 kVp
T2   Operates at or above 250 kVp and less than 1 MV
T3   Operates at 1 MV and above (Linear Accelerator)
T4   Simulator: C.T.
T5   Simulator: Radiographic
T6   Simulator: Fluoroscopic
T7   Integrated kVp-Rad/CT/Fluoroscopy (OBI)
T8   Mobile Electron Linear Accelerator
T9   Electronic Brachytheraphy
T10   Cyber Knife
T11   TomoTherapy
T12   ProtonTherapy


V1  Radiographic (Stationary)
V2  Dental
V3  C.T. (Computerized Tomography)
V4   Fluoroscopic
V5  Therapy Operates at 1 MV and above (Linear Accelerator)
V6   Radiographic (Mobile)
V7   Hand-held Veterinary
V8   Micro C.T. Veterinary
V9   Integrated kVp-Rad/CT/Fluoroscopy (OBI)

Non-Medical – Analytical

R1 Gauging
R2 Photoelectronic Spectrometer
R3 Open Beam Analytical
R4 Closed Beam Analytical (Examples: Diffraction, fluorescence spectrometer,
  auger, microprobe, luninoscope, particle analyzer)
R5 Hand-held Analytical

Non-Medical – Radiography and Irradiation Devices

S1 Particle Accelerator - operates at or above 250 kVp
S2 Bomb Detector
S3 Cabinet System designed to exclude admittance (Examples: Baggage, cabinet fluoroscopic,
  cabinet irradiation, cabinet radiographic-fluoroscopic, cabinet ion beam device)
S4   Permanent Radiographic (Vault) designed to allow admittance of
  individual  (Examples: Radiographic, CT, fluoroscopic, tomography)
S5   Radiographic (Examples: Non-enclosed unit or temporary job site
S6   C-Arm Miniature
S8   Cabinet System designed to allow admittance of  individual
S9   Security Screening System (Inmate screening)


E70 Tube Only