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X-ray Equipment Registration

X-Ray Equipment

X-ray Registration registers, maintains records and tracks radiation-generating equipment in Ohio. Handlers of radiation-generating equipment are required to be registered with the Ohio Department of Health. A handler means a facility that receives, possesses, uses, stores, transfers, installs, services or disposes of sources of radiation, unless possession is solely for the purpose of transportation.  Possession of x-ray equipment, even if in storage or rendered inoperable, requires a valid registration.

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Telephone: (614) 995-4727
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E-mail: xrayreg@odh.ohio.gov

All applications, amendments and electronic payments are to be completed online by establishing an ODH Gateway account:  https://odhgateway.odh.ohio.gov.  Online management access is granted to each facility’s Individual Responsible for Radiation Protection (IRRP).  

Registrations expire two years from the date of issuance. Renewal invoices are due upon receipt and invoice renewal fees must be paid at least 30 days prior to expiration date.


X-ray Application - At least 30 days prior to handling the equipment, apply for online registration and submit with the $262.00 fee. Each separate address location with radiation-generating equipment (RGE) requires a separate registration and the $262.00 fee.

REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT TRANSFERRABLE. The new owner must apply 30 days prior to the ownership change and the previous owner must submit a termination request or the $262.00 fee will be invoiced and due 30 days prior to expiration.


X-ray Amendment - Fifteen days prior to making any changes to registration information the registrant shall amend registration record online (e.g. addition/reduction of X-ray tubes, site location, phone or fax numbers, etc.).

These changes include moving equipment from room to room; adding a new or second, third, etc., location; selling or disposing of the x-ray equipment; and any swapping of x-ray equipment to the number and type of registered x-ray equipment.

Certificate of Registration

Certificate of Registration - X-ray registration certificates are not mailed by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH).  Access your record online and print your certificate to post a current copy in accordance with OAC 3701:1-38-10(A)(1)(b).

Registration Renewal Invoices

Registrations are renewable every two years. Your expiration date will be noted on your Certificate of Registration. Your renewal invoice for $262.00 is due upon receipt of your invoice. ODH will mail a renewal invoice to each registrant approximately 60 days prior to the registration expiration date.  All renewal invoice payments must be submitted online or by mail 30 days prior to the registration expiration date. You may also view your invoice through your ODH Gateway account.

Online ODH Gateway Access

ODH Gateway Access - Only the facility’s Individual Responsible for Radiation Protection (IRRP) is granted access by Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to make record changes online.

Invoice Payments

Pay Invoice - You will need your invoice number and your billing address zip code to complete the transaction at cars.odh.ohio.gov.  If there has been a change in controlling entity, do not pay the renewal invoice. Instead, submit a new application and follow all requirements for an ownership change.

Reporting Requirements

Any handler that assembles, installs, de-installs or disposes of radiation-generating equipment (RGE) within the State of Ohio shall notify the director, in writing, at least quarterly of such actions.  These reports provide essential information that allow the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to research and track RGE. Sellers of RGE to customers in Ohio may also use the FDA for 2579 for reporting.  The information provided is used to determine if the new location has a valid registration and help to ensure compliance with all Ohio Rule and Code.

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