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20 Other Facility Type

List of Ohio Other Facility Type with registered X-ray equipment.

The Other category is defined as any other type of facility that possesses X-ray equipment not covered under the following categories: Chiropractic Offices, Dental Offices, Physician Offices, Podiatry Offices, Veterinary Offices, Mobile Health Care Service Vans, Registered and Non-Registered Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Clinics, Imaging Centers, Urgent Care Centers, Government Agencies, Assemblers, Maintainers, Corporate Offices, Manufacturers, Laboratories, Testing Sites, Research & Development Sites, Courthouses, Sheriff Offices, Correctional institutions, Public Utilities, Engineers, Contractors, Temporary Job Sites, Transportation Companies, Recycling Companies, Scrap Dealers, Waste Management Facilities.

Typically, it is a single individual who possesses X-ray equipment or stores X-ray equipment and does not fit into any of the above categories.

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