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Schedule Opens for Next Week’s W.O. Walker Cleveland Community COVID-19 Testing Site

Dec. 23, 2021 

Schedule Opens for Next Week’s W.O. Walker  Cleveland Community COVID-19 Testing Site 

The schedule for next week’s W.O. Walker Cleveland Community COVID-19 Testing Site is now open. Individuals can schedule a testing appointment time for next week at https://redcap.link/WalkerCOVIDTesting. The website is case sensitive. The QR code at the bottom of this message will also direct to the scheduling site. Once an appointment time is confirmed, individuals will be prompted to register with Mako labs for the COVID test. Patients must complete both steps in order to be tested at the Walker site.  

The site will be open next week 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Sunday, but will be closed on Saturday, Jan. 1. 

Everyone must have BOTH a confirmed appointment time and a registration QR code from MAKO to be tested, even if previously registered. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate any unscheduled patients.    

The on-site, drive-thru testing is located in the garage of the W. O. Walker Building in University Circle, 10524 Euclid Ave., Cleveland. Individuals age 2 years and older are able to register. The site offers free PCR testing, and individuals will receive their results in approximately 2-3 days. Masks are required except when testing is underway.   

Due to the high demand for testing, we ask individuals not to arrive more than 15 minutes early for your test. Those who arrive more than 15 minutes early will be asked to come back at their scheduled appointment time.   

For those unable to register at the Cleveland Community COVID-19 Testing site, we encourage them to find a COVID-19 test at one of many other locations, such as a local retail pharmacy, doctor’s office, community health center or urgent care center. Visit the Coronavirus.Ohio.gov site to find a testing center. Rapid testing kits are available for purchase at groceries and pharmacies, and for free at many local health departments and public libraries. Please do not go to an emergency department for COVID-19 testing.    

The Cleveland Community COVID-19 Testing site is led by the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio National Guard and supported by Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals.   

Below is the QR code directing individuals to the scheduling page: 


ODH Office of Communications: 

(614) 644-8562, opa@odh.ohio.gov 

Cleveland Clinic: 

Andrea Pacetti, 216.316.3040, pacetta@ccf.org 

Angie Kiska, 216.312.9170, mailto:kiskaa@ccf.org 

University Hospitals: 

Carly Belsterling, 412-889-8866, Carly.Belsterling@uhhospitals.org