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Performance Management

Performance Management is a systematic process of using data for decision making by identifying outcomes and standards; measuring, monitoring, and communicating progress; and engaging in quality improvement activities in order to achieve desired outcomes. (Minnesota Department of Health, 2016). Domain 9 of the Public Health Accreditation Board Standards and Measures (v1.5) focuses on the use of a performance management system to monitor achievement of organizational objectives across the department.

ODH has adopted the Results Based Accountability (RBA) Framework to guide its strategic planning and performance management efforts and uses the Clear Impact Scorecard as its web-based platform. Licenses to the Clear Impact Scorecard were provided by ODH to interested Local Health Departments (LHDs) across the state in the fall of 2019.  

This page includes information and resources for LHDs regarding performance management, Clear Impact, and Ohio’s Quality Indicators.

Resources for Clear Impact License Holders

Two-year Clear Impact scorecard licenses were provided by ODH to interested LHDs in the fall of 2019. This page provides resources for participating LHDs and will be updated as new information, resources, and examples become available.

Clear Impact Scorecard Training Archived Recordings:

(Note: All three sessions covered the same content. Q&A varies by participation.)

FAQ for Ohio LHD License Holders

Clear Impact Scorecard Examples

Quality Indicators

The original Legislative Committee on Public Health Futures recommended that the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and local health districts create a standardized process for data collection and identification of common public health indicators to include quality, quantity, comparables and efficiency. The purpose of the data tool was to provide opportunities for public health to demonstrate outcomes and improve quality.

The legislature codified the recommendation in 2013.  Ohio Revised Code section 3701.98 requires ODH to establish a standardized process by which all general and city health districts shall collect and report to the director information regarding public health quality indicators, and policy and procedures for sharing the data with payers, providers, general and city health districts, and public health professionals.  Administrative rules for the public health quality indicators were adopted Ohio Administrative Code section 3701-36-05 and became effective July 1, 2014.