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Bureau of Maternal, Child & Family Health
Bureau of Maternal, Child & Family Health (BMCFH) is an organized effort to eliminate health disparities, improve birth outcomes and improve the health status of women, infants, children, youth and families in Ohio. Using evidenced-based and data driven practices, we support the delivery of direct services, linkages and referrals, population-based supports, education, monitoring and quality oversight, and policy and systems development.

Efforts to improve health outcomes are conducted collaboratively with other state agencies, local health departments, health care providers, insurance, businesses, non-profit entities, education, and health.  

Ohio’s MCFH priority needs include:

  • Increase the prevalence of women receiving preconception care

  • Reduce the rate of infant mortality and disparities statewide

  • Increase comprehensive newborn screenings and improve Ohio’s newborn screening system

  • Increase access to early infant care and wellness

  • Increase the prevalence of children and youth receiving integrated physical, mental, and developmental services

  • Reduce the rate of childhood obesity

  • Reduce tobacco use rates

  • Reduce the rate of maternal smoking and substance abuse by pregnant women

  • Reduce barriers improve access, and increase the availability of health services for all populations

Contact Information:

Phone:  (614) 644-8313
Email:  BMCFH@odh.ohio.gov