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3701-53 - Alcohol and Drug Testing

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Chapters/Rules Description
MEMO Memo to Interested Parties
3701-53-01 Techniques or methods (To be rescinded) 
3701-53-01 Definitions and record retention periods (New)
3701-53-02 Breath tests (To be rescinded)
3701-53-02 Expression of results (New)
3701-53-03 Blood, Urine and other bodily substance tests (To be rescinded)
3701-53-03 Breath tests (New)
3701-53-04 Instrument checks, controls and certifications (To be rescinded)
3701-53-04 Blood, urine and other bodily substance tests (New)
3701-53-05 Collection and handling of blood and urine specimens (To be rescinded)
3701-53-05 Breath instrument checks, controls and certifications (New)
3701-53-06 Laboratory requirements (To be rescinded)
3701-53-06 Collection and handling of blood, urine and oral fluid specimens (New)
3701-53-07 Qualifications of personnel (To be rescinded)
3701-53-07 Laboratory requirements (New)
3701-53-08 Surveys and proficiency examinations (To be rescinded)
3701-53-08 Qualifications of personnel (New)
3701-53-09 Permits (To be rescinded)
3701-53-09 Surveys and proficiency examinations (New)
3701-53-10 Revocation, suspension and denial of permits or operator access cards (To be rescinded)
3701-53-10 Permits (New)
3701-53-11 Revocation, suspension and denial of permits (New)
3701-53 - BIA Business Impact Analysis (BIA)