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3717-1 - Ohio Uniform Safety Code Final Filed


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Chapters/Rules Description
3717-1-01 State of Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code and Definitions
3717-1-02 Determination of the primary business of a facility for purpose of licensure
3717-1-02.1 Management and personnel: employee health
3717-1-02.2 Management and personnel: personal cleanliness
3717-1-02.3 Management and personnel: hygienic practices
3717-1-02.4 Management and personnel: supervision
3717-1-03 Food - safe, unadulterated, and honestly presented
3717-1-03.1 Food: sources, specifications, and original containers
3717-1-03.2 Food: protection from contamination after receiving
3717-1-03.3 Food: destruction of organisms of public health concern
3717-1-03.4 Food: limitation of growth of organisms of public health concern
3717-1-03.5 Food: food identity, presentation, and on premises labeling
3717-1-03.6 Food: discarding or reconditioning unsafe, adulterated or contaminated food
3717-1-03.7 Food: special requirements for highly susceptible populations
3717-1-04 Equipment, utensils, and linens: materials for construction and repair
3717-1-04.1 Equipment, utensils, and linens: design and construction
3717-1-04.2 Equipment, utensils, and linens: numbers and capacities
3717-1-04.3 Equipment, utensils, and linens: location and installation
3717-1-04.4 Equipment, utensils, and linens: maintenance and operation
3717-1-04.5 Equipment, utensils, and linens: cleaning of equipment and utensils
3717-1-04.6 Equipment, utensils, and linens: sanitizing of equipment and utensils
3717-1-04.7 Equipment, utensils, and linens: laundering
3717-1-04.8 Equipment, utensils, and linens: protection of clean items
3717-1-05 Water, plumbing, and waste: water
3717-1-05.1 Water, plumbing and waste: plumbing system
3717-1-05.2 Mobile water tanks
3717-1-05.3 Water, plumbing, and waste: sewage, other liquid waste, and rainwater
3717-1-05.4 Water, plumbing, and waste: refuse, recyclables, and returnables
3717-1-06 Physical facilities: materials for construction and repair
3717-1-06.1 Physical facilities: design, construction, and installation
3717-1-06.2 Physical facilities: numbers and capacities
3717-1-06.3 Physical facilities: location and placement
3717-1-06.4 Physical facilities: maintenance and operation
3717-1-07 Poisonous or toxic materials: labeling and identification
3717-1-07.1 Poisonous or toxic materials: operational supplies and applications
3717-1-07.2 Poisonous or toxic materials: storage and display - separation
3717-1-08 Special requirements: fresh juice production
3717-1-08.1 Special requirements: heat treatment dispensing freezers
3717-1-08.2 Special requirements: custom processing
3717-1-08.3 Special requirements: bulk water machine criteria
3717-1-08.4 Special requirements: acidified white rice preparation criteria
3717-1-09 Criteria for reviewing facility layout and equipment specifications
3717-1-20 Existing facilities and equipment