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Office of Health Assurance & Licensing
The office of Health Assurance and Licensing at the Ohio Department of Health licenses and regulates various healthcare facilities including, but not limited to, nursing homes, ambulatory care centers, and hospice care programs.

The primary mission of the Office of Health Assurance and Licensing (OHAL) is to protect the health and safety of Ohio’s residents through licensure, certification and regulation of health care providers and suppliers including nursing homes also known as long term care facilities and residential care facilities also known as assisted living facilities,  as well as Ohio’s Smoke-Free work place.  The Office of Health Assurance and Licensing performs a variety of functions in addition to licensure and certification, including, but not limited to conducting on-site inspections/surveys for compliance with state and federal rules and regulations, investigating allegations of resident abuse and neglect and misappropriation of resident property in nursing homes and residential care facilities; ensuring the appropriate distribution of quality and cost effective long term care services through the Certificate of Need (CON) program; and operating a telephone hotline for accepting complaints about regulated facilities.  At the federal level, the Office of Health Assurance and Licensing, works with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) functioning as Ohio’s designated State Survey Agency (SSA) for the certification of Medicare and Medicaid health care providers.  The Office of Health Assurance and Licensing is comprised of the Office Chief and two Bureaus: the Bureau of Survey and Certification (BOSC); the Bureau of Regulatory Operations (BRO).


Online access to information for providers, facilities, and services licensed and/or certified by the Office of Health Assurance and Licensing is available at our Online Resources page. Through these resources you can research nursing homes, labs, and other health care facilities, run reports, and access Medicare compare tools.  Additionally, providers may complete business processes online through our Online Business Processing Portal.

The Office of Health Assurance and Licensing makes speakers available for all of its licensed programs. You may request a speaker by completing and submitting the OHAL Speakers Bureau form.