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3701-19 - Hospice Care Programs

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Chapters/Rules Description
MEMO Memo to Interested Parties
3701-19-01 Definitions (To Be Amended)
3701-19-02 Applicability of licensure requirements (To Be Amended)
3701-19-03 Initial license application process; renewal of license; and change of ownership license (To Be Amended)
3701-19-04 Issuance, denial, transfer, suspension, and revocation of licenses (To Be Amended)
3701-19-05 Inspections (To Be Amended)
3701-19-06 Governing body; quality assessment and performance improvement (To Be Amended)
3701-19-07 General requirements for hospice care programs after licensure (To Be Amended)
3701-19-08 Standards for inpatient hospice facilities (To Be Amended)
3701-19-09 General requirements for hospice care program personnel (To Be Amended)
3701-19-10 Medical director (To Be Amended)
3701-19-11 Interdisciplinary team and interdisciplinary plan of care (To Be Amended)
3701-19-12 Contracted services (No Change)
3701-19-13 Volunteer services (To Be Amended)
3701-19-14 Nursing services (No Change)
3701-19-15 Medical social services (To Be Amended)
3701-19-16 Home care services (To Be Amended)
3701-19-17 Medical services (To Be Amended)
3701-19-18 Counseling and bereavement services (To Be Amended)
3701-19-19 Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services (To Be Amended)
3701-19-20 Admission of patients to the hospice care program (To Be Amended)
3701-19-21 Medical supplies, drugs, and biologicals (No Change)
3701-19-22 Short-term inpatient care; standards and services (To Be Amended)
3701-19-22.1 Admission of non-hospice palliative care patients to hospice inpatient facilities (New)
3701-19-23 Central clinical record (To Be Amended)
3701-19-24 Variances; waivers (No Change)
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