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3701-28 - Private Water Systems Final Filed


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Chapters/Rules Description
3701-28-01 Definitions
3701-28-02 Scope, responsibility for compliance, and applicability of rules
3701-28-03 Permits, system approval and sampling requirements
3701-28-04 Inspection; water sample collection and analysis and water quality standards
3701-28-05 Approval to enforce
3701-28-06 Fees and fee categories
3701-28-07 Location, operation, and maintenance of private water systems
3701-28-08 Pumps, pressure tanks, and other requirements for all private water systems
3701-28-09 Materials used in drilling and construction of wells
3701-28-10 Well construction, alteration and maintenance
3701-28-11 Development, startup, and operation of new, repaired and altered wells
3701-28-12 Construction and surface design of cisterns, reservoir tanks, hauled water storage tanks, and roof washers
3701-28-13 Construction and surface design of springs
3701-28-14 Location and construction of ponds
3701-28-15 Continuous disinfection, continuous filtration, cyst reduction filtration and point of entry water treatment
3701-28-16 Registration of water haulers, hauled water trucks, inspections
3701-28-17 Procedures for the sealing and decommissioning of private water systems
3701-28-18 Registration and bonding of private water systems contractors
3701-28-19 Variance or waiver of certain provisions of this chapter