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3701-25 - Resident Camps

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Chapters/Rules Description
MEMO Memo to Interested Parties
3701-25-01 Definitions (To be amended)
3701-25-02 Responsibilities of the board of health (New)
3701-25-02-R Permission to operate
3701-25-03 Responsibility of the operator (New)
3701-25-03-R Plans; approval and content
3701-25-04 Resident camp plan review package submission and design requirements (New)
3701-25-04-R Responsibility of camp operator
3701-25-05-R Water, sewage, and gray water recycling systems
3701-25-06-R Hygiene facilities
3701-25-07-R Solid waste storage and disposal
3701-25-08-R Electrical service
3701-25-09-R Sleeping quarters
3701-25-10-R Safety

*(-R) Rescinded Rules