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3701-62 - Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)


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Chapters/Rules Description
3701-62-01 Definitions
3701-62-02 Authority of advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants
3701-62-03 Immunity from criminal prosecution, civil liability, and professional disciplinary action
3701-62-04 Do-not-resuscitate identification
3701-62-05 Do-not-resuscitate protocol
3701-62-06 Revocation of DNR identification or DNR order
3701-62-07 Emergency medical services personnel; compliance with DNR protocol
3701-62-08 Attending physician, PA, APRN, or health care facility unwilling or unable to comply with DNR protocol
3701-62-09 Transfer of person between health care facilities:  forwarding of DNR order
3701-62-10 Relationship of DNR orders and identification with living will declarations and durable powers of attorney for health care
3701-62-11 Compliance with DNR protocol not homicide or suicide
3701-62-12 Effect of DNR identification or order on insurance
3701-62-13 Individual rights not abrogated
3701-62-14 Prohibitions