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3701:1-38 - General Radiation Protection Standards for Sources of Radiation

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Chapters/Rules Description
MEMO Memo to Interested Parties
3701:1-38-01 Definitions (Amend)
3701:1-38-02 Fees for inspection, application, amendment, and renewal of radioactive material sources of radiation (No Change)
3701:1-38-02 App A Appendix A (No Change)
3701:1-38-02 App B Appendix B - Decommissioning and Possession Only Annual Fees (No Change)
3701:1-38-03 Application and renewal of registrations for handlers of radiation-generating equipment (Amend)
3701:1-38-05 Administrative Penalties (No Change) 
3701:1-38-06 License or registration adjudication orders; late fees; impoundment; administrative monetary penalty (No Change)
3701:1-38-07 General provisions; purpose, scope, and communications (Amend)
3701:1-38-08 Waivers, variances, additional requirements and vacating premises (No Change)
3701:1-38-09 Inspection and investigation (No Change)
3701:1-38-10 Notices, instructions, and reports to workers (No Change)
3701:1-38-11 Radiation protection standards, general provisions (No Change)
3701:1-38-12 Occupational dose limits (No Change)
3701:1-38-12 App A Appendix A - Explanation of annual limits on intake (ALI) and derived air concentrations (DAC) of radionuclides for occupational exposure; effluent concentrations; concentrations for release to sanitary sewerage (No Change)
3701:1-38-12 App B Appendix B - List of Elements (No Change)
3701:1-38-12 App C Appendix C - Annual Limits on Intake (ALIs) and derived air concentrations (DACs) of radionuclides for Occupational Exposure; Effluent concentrations; Concentrations for release to sewerage (No Change)
3701:1-38-13 Dose limits for individual members of the public (Amend)
3701:1-38-14 Survey and monitoring requirements (No Change)
3701:1-38-15 Control of exposure from external sources in high and very high radiation areas (Amend)
3701:1-38-16 Respiratory protection and controls to restrict internal exposure to radioactive material in a restricted area (Amend)
3701:1-38-16 App A Appendix A - Assigned Protection Factors for Respirators (No Change)
3701:1-38-17 Storage and control of a licensed or registered source of radiation (No Change)
3701:1-38-18 Posting, labeling, and receipt of packages (Amend)
3701:1-38-18 App Appendix - Quantities of Licensed Material Requiring Labeling (No Change)
3701:1-38-19 Waste disposal (Amend)
3701:1-38-19 App Appendix - Requirements for transfer of radioactive waste for disposal at land disposal facilities and manifests (Amend)
3701:1-38-20 Records (Amend)
3701:1-38-21 Reports (Amend)
3701:1-38-22 Decommissioning (No Change)
3701:1-38-23 Reporting of defects and noncompliance (No Change)
3701:1-38-24 Testing for leakage or contamination of sealed sources (No Change)
3701:1-38-25 Reports of transactions involving nationally tracked sources (No Change)
3701:1-38-25 App Appendix - Nationally Tracked Source Thresholds
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