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3701:1-50 - Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Material

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Chapters/Rules Description
MEMO Memo to Interested Parties
3701:1-50-01 Definitions (To Be Amended)
3701:1-50-02 Purpose and Scope (To Be Amended)
*3701:1-50-03 Communications and Records
*3701:1-50-04 Requirement for license
3701:1-50-05 Transportation of licensed material (To Be Amended)
*3701:1-50-06 Exemption for low-level materials
3701:1-50-07 General license: NRC-approved package (To Be Amended)
3701:1-50-10 General license: use of foreign approved package (To Be Amended)
3701:1-50-11 General license: Fissile material (To Be Amended)
3701:1-50-12 General license: plutonium-beryllium special form material (To Be Amended)
3701:1-50-13 Exemption from classification as fissile material (To Be Amended)
*3701:1-50-15 Assumptions as to unknown properties
3701:1-50-16 Preliminary determinations (To Be Amended)
3701:1-50-17 Routine determinations (To Be Amended)
3701:1-50-18 Air transport of plutonium (To Be Amended)
*3701:1-50-19 Opening instructions
*3701:1-50-20 Records
3701:1-50-23 Advance notification of shipment of irradiated reactor fuel and nuclear waste (To Be Amended)
3701:1-50-24 Quality assurance requirements (To Be Amended)
*3701:1-50-25 Determination of A[1] and A[2] values for Radionuclides
*3701:1-50-25 App App A - Table 25-1 A[1] and A[2] values for Radionuclides
*3701:1-50-25 App App B - Table 25-2 Exempt Material Activity Concentrations and Exempt Consignment Activity Limits for Radionuclides
*3701:1-50-25 App App C - Table 25-3 General Values for A[1] and A[2]
*3701:1-50-25 App App D - Table 25-4 Activity-Mass Relationships for Uranium
*3701:1-50-26 Exemption of physicians
BIA Business Impact Analysis

(*) - There are no changes to the rules being made.