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3717-1 - Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code

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Please Click Here to send a comment on a proposed rule. 

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Chapters/Rules Description
MEMO Memo to Interested Parties
3717-1-01 State of Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code and Definitions. (Amended)
3717-1-02.4 Management and personnel: supervision. (Amended)
3717-1-03 Food - safe, unadulterated, and honestly presented. (Amended)
3717-1-03.2 Food:  Protection from contamination after receiving. (Amended)
3717-1-03.4 Food:  Limitation of growth of organisms of public health concern. (Amended)
3717-1-03.6 Food:  Discarding or reconditioning unsafe, adulterated or contaminated food. (Amended)
3717-1-04.1 Equipment, utensils, and linens: design and construction. (Amended)
3717-1-04.3 Equipment, utensils, and linens:  location and installation. (Amended)
3717-1-04.7 Equipment, utensils, and linens: laundering. (Amended)
3717-1-06 Physical facilities: materials for construction and repair. (Amended)
3717-1-07 Poisonous or toxic materials: labeling and identification. (Amended)
3717-1-07.2 Poisonous or toxic materials: storage and display - separation. (Amended)
3717-1-08.1 Special requirements: heat treatment dispensing freezers. (Amended)

(R) - Rule is being rescinded