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State Health Assessment and State Health Improvement Plan
State Health Assessment and State Health Improvement Plan

State Health Assessment

The State Health Assessment (SHA) is a comprehensive and actionable picture of health and wellbeing in Ohio. The purpose of the SHA is to: 

  • Inform identification of priorities in the State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP)
  • Provide a template for state agencies and local partners, with a uniform set of categories and metrics to use in related assessments 

The SHA was released on September 9, 2019 and the SHIP will be released in late 2019. The purpose of the SHIP is to: 

  • Provide state agency leaders, local health departments, hospitals and other partners with a strategic menu of priorities, objectives and evidence-based strategies to address shared priority health issues
  • Spur partnership with sectors beyond health 

State Health Assessment (SHA) Links

Online State Health Assessment
Ohio 2019 SHA Full Summary Report
Ohio 2019 SHA Executive Summary
Ohio 2019 SHA Appendix
Ohio 2017-2019 SHIP Progress Report
Details of the SHA/SHIP Planning Process

Ohio 2016 State Health Assessment
Ohio 2016 SHA Snapshot
Ohio 2016 SHA Executive Summary

State Health Improvement Plan

The 2016 state health assessment (SHA), released in August 2016, described the current status of health and wellbeing in Ohio and highlighted the state’s many opportunities to improve health outcomes, reduce disparities and control healthcare spending. This 2017-2019 state health improvement plan (SHIP) seizes upon those opportunities by laying out specific goals and strategies designed to achieve measurable improvements on key priorities.

Developed with input from many state and local-level stakeholders, the 2017-2019 SHIP serves as a strategic menu of priorities, objectives and evidence-based strategies to be implemented by:

  • State agencies (see state response listed in parts three through six of this plan)
  • Local health departments, hospitals and other community partners engaged in community health improvement planning (see community strategy and indicator toolkits)
  • Sectors beyond health, including education, housing, employers and regional planning

Ohio 2017-19 State Health Improvement Plan 
Ohio 2017-19 SHIP Snapshot 

SHIP Companion Documents

Governor’s Office of Health Transformation white papers (2018-19 budget proposals)

State Action Plans

Mental Health and Addiction 
Chronic Disease 
Maternal and Infant Health

Community Strategy and Indicator Toolkits

Mental Health and Addiction
Chronic Disease
Maternal and Infant Health 
Master List of SHIP Indicators


Local Planning Guidance

Improving Population Health Planning in Ohio: Guidance for Aligning State and Local Efforts
Letter to Tax-Exempt Hospitals about Reporting Requirements


Population Health Plans and Assessments

Local Health Department and Hospital Plans by County


Questions about Community Alignment should be sent to: CommunityAlignmentSupport@odh.ohio.gov 


Support Documents

Details of the SHA/SHIP Planning
Improving Population Health Planning Advisory Group


Strategic Plan

2015 ODH Strategic Plan

The healthcare and public health fields are changing nationally and in Ohio as a result of the federal Affordable Care Act, the extension of Medicaid coverage in Ohio and efforts to increase value in healthcare and public health spending.

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is positioning itself structurally and strategically for this change in order to continue fulfilling our mission to protect and improve the health of all Ohioans. ODH has implemented a new senior leadership model with both a Director and a Medical Director to strengthen agency management and ensure broader medical participation in agency decision-making.

This ODH 2015-2016 Strategic Plan outlines the strategic issues, goals and objectives the agency is pursuing to move the agency forward and position it for continuing success in the new healthcare environment. These strategic issues include aligning ODH’s work with the state health improvement plan, state health initiatives and priorities; ensuring effective decision-making processes to support the agency’s goals; developing our workforce to support ODH’s public health priorities; and to ensuring that ODH’s data infrastructure supports data-driven decisions.

2012 ODH Strategic Plan

The SHIP Planning Council continued to have input into the development of the ODH Strategic Plan. Members received and email with a link to a brief survey, asking for feedback about ODH priorities and organizational practices. Nearly 130 individuals identified their choices for top priorities in the coming two years, the operational issues to address, the areas in which ODH does well and those needing improvement, as well as any other information they felt ODH should know so that it could best serve the health needs of all Ohioans.  At the same time, ODH hosted a number of internal focus groups, where staff could share their thoughts about programmatic and organizational priorities. The Director sent an email encouraging all staff to participate in these conversations, or alternatively, share their feedback electronically with staff in the Office of Performance Improvement.

Once these data were collected, the Director and the Chief Operating Officer assembled twenty of the top leaders in the organization in a one-day, off-site retreat, held June 21, 2012. This group reviewed the results of the external survey and the internal focus groups, reviewed identified priorities (and their respective strategies) from the SHIP, and refreshed their awareness of various national guidelines (e.g., Healthy People 2020, CDC Winnable Battles, etc.). The group identified six strategic priorities and seven key focus areas considering potential action steps for each. The individual members of this group were then charged with identifying a cross-departmental, cross-functional workgroup to develop strategic work plans for each focus area’s action steps, including measurable short- (12 month) and long- (24 month) term outcomes necessary for success. The 2012 ODH Strategic Plan will be monitored, evaluated and updated by assigned ODH staff.