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Vaccines for Children (VFC)
Vaccines for Children (VFC)

Section 1:   VFC Overview

What is VFC? 
VFC Enrollment Packet

VFC Provider Profile
VFC Annual Training
VFC Borrowing Form 
VFC Eligibility Form - Instructions 
VFC Eligibility Form - Private Provider 
VFC Eligibility Form - Sample 
VFC Flu Accountability Form - Instructions 
VFC Flu Accountability Form - Private Provider 
VFC Order Form - Instructions
VFC Order Form - Private Provider 
VFC Transfer Form 
Literature Request Form - Private Provider 
Literature Request Form - Public Provider 

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Form (VAERS)

Section 2:   Vaccine Administration

Adolescent Immunization Schedule
Childhood Immunization Schedule 
Childhood and Adolescent Catch-up Schedule 
Recommended Minimum Ages and Intervals Between Doses  
Administering Vaccines - Dose, Route, Site and Needle Size 
Administering Vaccines - Intramuscular (IM) and Subcutaneous (SQ) Vaccines 
Administering Vaccines - Intradermal, Intranasal and Oral Vaccines  
It's Federal Law 
Current Vaccine Information Statements (VIS)
Guide to Immunizations and Contraindications 
Screening Questionnaire Childhood and Adolescent 

Standards for Child and Adolescent Immunizations 

Summary Recommendations - Childhood and Adolescent Immunizations

Section 3:   Storage & Handling 

Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Vaccine Restitution Policy
CDC Storage and Handling Toolkit
Checklist for Safe Vaccine Storage and Handling 
Don't Be Guilty - Errors in Storage and Handling 
Vaccine Management Plan
Emergency Response Worksheet 
Storage and Handling Job Aid - Freezer (F)
Storage and Handling Job Aid - Freezer (C)
Storage and Handling Job Aid - Refrigerator (F)
Storage and Handling Job Aid - Refrigerator (C)
Transporting Refrigerated Vaccine 
Vaccine Handling Tips 

Section 4:   Temperature Monitoring

Data Logger Quick Use Reference Guide
Data Logger Set Up Instructions - PowerPoint
Celsius (C) Temperature Log Freezer 
Celsius (C) Temperature Log Refrigerator  
Fahrenheit (F) Temperature Log Freezer  
Fahrenheit (F) Temperature Log Refrigerator
Lascar Data Logger - LCD Message Guide
Vaccine Storage Troubleshooting Record Form 

Section 5:   Resources

A Quick Guide to Reportable Infectious Diseases for Ohio 
Impact SIIS Regional Trainers by County Contacts Ohio Department of Health VFC Consultant Territories Map / Contact Information