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Legionella - Resources & Trainings

Links to Resources and Trainings about Legionella Prevention and Management in the Building Environment


    Ohio Department of Health Webinar on Legionella Prevention and Management, July 2017


Ohio Department of Health (ODH):

    Slides from the Legionella Prevention and Management Webinar, July 2017

    Example of Temperature and Chlorine Residual Information Logging (pdf)

    Example of Temperature and Chlorine Residual Information Logging (spreadsheet) 

    Slides from the Environmental Assessment Training, Midwest Workshop March 2018

    Slides from the Legionnaires Disease Presentation, Midwest Workshop March 2018

    Slides from the Water Management Plan Training, Midwest Workshop March 2018

    Slides from the 2018 Legionella Statistics for Ohio Presentation, Midwest Workshop March 2019

    Slides from the Environmental Health's Role in Legionella Outbreaks Presentation, Midwest Workshop March 2019

    Slides from the Establishing Environmental Monitoring and Control Points Training, Midwest Workshop March 2019

    Slides from the Legionella Case Response for Local Health Districts Training, Midwest Workshop March 2019

    Slides from the Steps to Reduce Risk in Aquatic Venues Presentation, Midwest Workshop March 2019

    Slides from the Legionella Outbreak Associated with a Hotel Spa, Midwest Workshop March 2019

    Slides from the Legionella Outbreak Associated with Church, Midwest Workshop March 2019

Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

    Legionella information

    Fact Sheets, Videos, Graphics

    Preventing Legionnaires’ Disease Training

    Sampling & Environmental Assessment Videos

    Worksheet to Identify Buildings at Increased Risk for Legionella Growth and Spread

    Legionnaires’ Disease Prevention in Hotels and Resorts

    Considerations When Working with Legionella Consultants

    Legionella Water Management Program for Building Owners, Managers, and Health Care Facilities

    Factors That Lead to Legionella Growth

    Healthcare Water Management Program Frequently Asked Questions    

    Water Management Plan Toolkit

    Facility Assessment Tool

    Sampling Procedure and Potential Sampling Sites (part of the outbreak response toolkit)

    Chlorine Residual Testing

    Environmental Sampling Data Collection Sheet

    Find an ELITE Certified Lab

    Investigation Tools for Single Cases of Disease

    Investigation Tools for Clusters and Outbreaks of Disease

    Publications about Legionella

American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRE):

    ASHRE Standard 188-2015 legionellosis risk management for building water systems

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA):

    OSHA Legionnaires' Disease Webpage

    OSHA Technical Manual, Section III: Chapter 7 Legionnaires' Disease

Cooling Technology Institute:

    Cooling Technology Institute Resources

Veterans Affairs (VA):

    Healthcare Inspection Prevention of Legionnaires’s Disease in VHA Facilities