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OIPP Promising Practice and Champion Awards

The OIPP Promising Practice Award recognizes outstanding community-based programs aimed at reducing the incidence of injury and violence in Ohio. The OIPP Champion Award is presented to individuals who have advanced injury prevention in Ohio through the promotion of evidence-based policies at the state, local or organizational level (school, work site, health care setting, etc.)

2018 Promising Practice Award Winners

Columbus Public Health– Child Passenger Safety (CPS)

Columbus Public Health’s Safe Kids Central Ohio Coalition did an informal survey of the parents and caregivers that were attending car seat checks. Safe Kids Central Ohio developed the CPS Waiting Room Cards and CPS Exam Room Cards while also being involved in an independent studying funded by Columbus Public Health that was surveying pediatricians and family practice providers. The Exam Room Cards are helpful for engaging with the clients because they are simple to use and hit on key factors. The initiative of the program is to have all the providers saying the same consistent message, not to be experts. The CPS Waiting Room Cards were adopted by CIAG to be used as the CPS Toolkit. The Ohio Department of Health ordered Waiting Room Cards and distributed them to the Occupant Protection Regional Coordinators to be distributed by Ohio Buckle Buckeyes sites throughout Ohio.

Upper Arlington Fire Department –Community Assistance Referrals and Education Services (CARES)

Upper Arlington's Community Assistance, Referrals and Education Services (CARES) program was launched by the fire division in 2017. The program is focused on education and injury prevention to improve residents' lives, with specific programs including bike helmets for kids, CPR and AED training, and a Special Needs Registry. Over the past year, the Upper Arlington Fire Division (UAFD) has continued to explore how paramedics could evolve beyond their traditional emergency response roles to provide enhanced care to the community.

CARES has been developed to include scheduled home assessments, which center around non-emergent medical evaluations and education for older adults. The evaluation includes multiple evidence-based assessments that cover fall risk, balance confidence, and environmental safety. Paramedics also provide minor home modifications for residents at risk of falling, such as night-lights and grab-bars. This branch of CARES is focused on older adults with the objective of keeping residents safe in their homes, improving quality of life, and reducing the need for emergency medical care.

Fairfield Medical Center –Substance Abuse Stabilization Unit (SASU)

In 2013, Fairfield Medical Center started providing inpatient acute hospital detoxification level of care to individuals to combat the opiate epidemic and treat addiction. This program provides medical withdrawal management services for individuals dependent on opiates, alcohol, and/or benzodiazepines. The goal of the program is to provide patients with an environment that will allow them to safely withdraw from drugs of dependence in a respectful and dignified manner while using evidence-based practices to encourage continued sobriety. Certified by OhioMHAS, this four-bed program aims to educate, treat, and equip individuals and their loved ones with the necessary tools to begin their recovery journey.

2018 Champion Award Winner

Emily Lee, Cincinnati Children's Medical Center – Child Passenger Safety


Emily Lee is what the OIPP Champion truly stands for. She is an Injury Prevention Specialist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and chair of the CIAG Passenger Safety Committee.  She also serves as the Occupant Protection Regional Coordinator for SE Ohio, among many other duties. At the National level, Emily is a recent member of the Child Passenger Safety Board where she was instrumental in influencing changes to the standardized CPS curriculum.  As a member it was her role to work with others to oversee and maintain the technical quality, standardization and relevance of the CPS curriculum.

At the state level, Emily has led the CIAG Child Passenger Safety committee for over 4 years.  Much of her work is behind the scenes, via conference call and e-mail, so there is no way to fully measure the impact she has had across the state.  Emily’s participation in CIAG and recognition across the state made her an ideal candidate for a member of the CIAG leadership.  

Congratulations to all the 2018 winners!