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Genetic Services
Genetic Services

Genetic Services

Overview of the Genetic Services Program in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Genetics Services Program funds a network of genetic centers that provide comprehensive care and services to people affected with, or at risk for genetic disorders. The purpose of the program is to ensure availability of quality, comprehensive genetic services in Ohio. Genetic services include, but are not limited to genetic counseling, education, diagnosis and treatment for genetic conditions and congenital abnormalities. Persons in Ohio who would like genetic counseling, or other genetic treatment services, may contact one of the Comprehensive Genetic Centers (CGC), or may be referred by their primary care physician.

The goals of the Comprehensive Genetic Centers (CGCs) are to ensure that:

  1. Children and adults with, or at risk for birth defects or genetic disorders and their families receive quality, comprehensive genetic services that are available, accessible and culturally sensitive; and

  2. Providers, the general public and policy makers are aware and knowledgeable about birth defects, genetic conditions, genetic disease related services in Ohio.

The ODH Genetics Program:

  • Provides grant funding to 8 CGCs, to support comprehensive care for people affected by genetic-related diseases.

  • Monitors and evaluates services provided by the CGCs.

  • Participates in strategies and networking activities to integrate genomics information into the many public health-related programs that work with various population groups at increased risk for specific genetic disorders.

  • Promotes education related to genetic diseases for health professionals, patients/families and the public.

The ODH Genetic Services Program is housed within Maternal, Child and Family Health. In addition to the Genetics Services Program, the section includes the Asthma Program, Children's Hearing & Vision Program, Critical Congenital Heart Disease, Infant Hearing Program, Ohio Hearing Aid Assistance Program, Save Our Sight and the Sickle Cell Services Program.


Mailing Address:

Ohio Department of Health
Maternal, Child and Family Health
Genetic Services
246 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Phone: (614) 728-9348
E-mail: Boriana.Zaharieva@odh.ohio.gov