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Public Health Assessments

Public Health Assessments

What is a Public Health Assessment?

A Public Health Assessment (PHA) evaluates information on the release of hazardous substances into the environment in order to assess any current or future impact on public health. These assessments may be focused on a single substance or health impact, or they may assess several different hazards or health impacts. When a Public Health Assessment is being performed, the Health Assessment Section will try to answer the following questions: 

  • What are the chemicals found at a specific site?
  • How can those chemicals affect human health?
  • Is there a current health threat to the people living near the site?
  • Could there be a public health threat in the future due to the chemicals found at the site?
  • What actions are recommended to protect the public from the site hazard?

Public Health Assessments in Ohio

Finalized Public Health Assessments

The following list contains finalized Public Health Assessments that have been completed for the state of Ohio. 

Open/Pending Public Health Assessments

There are currently no Public Health Assessments open for public comment.