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Adult Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories

Adult Cardiac Catheterization Services in Ohio are offered at three levels of care:


Level I – low risk/diagnostic service;

Level II – Some high risk and interventional procedures without on-site open heart surgical back-up; and

Level III – All risk/all procedures with on-site open heart surgical back-up.


Below are links providing guidance for the implementation of cardiac catheterization services and reporting:

2020 - Annual Reporting Revision For Level 2 and Level 3 Cardiac Catheterization Services Only

2019 - Annual Reporting Revision for Level 2 and Level 3 Cardiac Catheterization Services Only

2018 - Revising Annual Report Due Date for Level 2 and Level 3

2016 Adult Cardiac Catheterization Rules Implementation Announcement


Every Adult Cardiac Catheterization Service is required to file an Annual Report with the Department of Health.  The content of the Annual Report varies depending on the service level.  To simplify reporting, the Department created Excel® spreadsheets for each service level. Follow the form links below to access the appropriate level spreadsheet.  When the report is completed, email the form to HCSDATA@odh.ohio.gov.  If you have questions regarding your OHCS number, please contact the Department at HCSDATA@odh.ohio.gov. 


All Levels Reporting Spreadsheets