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Infant and Fetal Mortality Reports

News, Briefs, and Fact Sheets

ODH News Release – 2017 Ohio Infant Mortality Report

Infant Mortality Data Brief

Extremely Premature Births in Ohio 2017

Ohio Fetal Mortality Brief, 2008-2017

Stillbirth Fact Sheet

Annual Infant Mortality Reports

2017 Ohio Infant Mortality Report

2016 Ohio Infant Mortality Report

2015 Ohio Infant Mortality Report   

2014 Ohio Infant Mortality Report   

2013 Ohio Infant Mortality Report

Intervention Strategies and Planning

Identifying Opportunities using Perinatal Periods of Risk (PPOR), Ohio 2013-2016

Opportunities to Save Infant Lives: Health Equity / PPOR Infographic 2013-2016

Addressing Infant Mortality in Ohio (2011-2018)

New Strategies to Address Infant Mortality in Ohio (2018)

Infant Mortality Reduction Plan 2015-2020

Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Indicators Document

Progesterone Statement

Video Links for the 2014 Infant Mortality Summit

Quarterly Scorecard and Appendices

These are preliminary reports using data available at the time of the analyses. With preliminary data, there may be changes in the results from report to report. The analyses are conducted on  rolling 12 month periods which overlap each other by 3 months.

Ohio Quarterly Report 8 for July 2017 to March 2019

Ohio Quarterly Report 7 for April 2017 to December 2018

Ohio Quarterly Report 6 for January 2017 to September 2018

Ohio Quarterly Report 5 for October 2016 to June 2018

Ohio Quarterly Report 4 for July 2016 to March 2018

Ohio Quarterly Report 3 for April 2016 to December 2017

Ohio Quarterly Report 2 for January 2016 to September 2017

Ohio Quarterly Report 1 for October 2015 to June 2017