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How to become a NATCEP Trainer

Prospective Applicants to Teach NATCEP

A long-term care facility, employee organization, person, or government entity seeking approval of a TCEP shall submit an initial application to the Ohio Department of Health and shall provide any documentation requested by the director or designee, in accordance with Chapter 3701-18 of the Ohio Administrative Code. The application may be filed at any time.

Individuals who are considering a position of program coordinator (PC) must have at least two years (year defined as a minimum of 1600 hours) of registered nursing (RN) at least one of which must be employed as an RN in a skilled nursing facility/nursing home. Nursing home hours must be verified by letterhead statements from current and/or previous nursing home employers.

Individuals considering a position of primary instructor (PI) must be an RN with two years of geriatric or chronic care experience, defined as employment in a long-term care facility, home health agency, hospital providing care to the chronically ill, or other long-term care settings. A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) must have two years of nursing experience employed in a skilled nursing facility/nursing home.

All PCs and PIs are required to have a TTT certificate which remains current with teaching NATCEP at least once in every 24-month period. You can find instruction on how to find a licensed TTT program in your region here.

An initial application and a non-refundable $300.00 fee are required for any prospective program. The following documentation must be submitted for the Program Coordinator (PC) and each Primary Instructor (PI):

Current resume

Letter(s) of employment verification

Current, valid TTT certificate

RN/LPN licensure verification

Additionally, the following must be submitted with each application:

PC agreement (non facility based programs) per 3701-18-09(A)(C)

Photos of the lecture and skills lab area with supplies

A signed and dated clinical site agreement with at least one nursing home (non facility based programs)

Examples of one skills checklists that will be used during skills training

A copy of your proposed curriculum or indication that you are using the ODH curriculum


Attention Service members, Veterans and their spouses:

If you are Active Military, Retired Military, Veteran or spouse of a Veteran, you are eligible to receive priority of service on testing day.  For details regarding what documents are considered acceptable proof for service members or veterans, please click here.

D&S Diversified Technologies has been approved through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as an approved testing vendor for the Ohio STNA exam.  Reimbursement of fees paid may be available through your GI Bill, if funds are available.   If you are a Veteran or Active Military, you will be provided with a receipt that you must submit with completed form 22-0803-ARE.pdf and mail to the VA for reimbursement.   You can find additional information about the GI Bill at http://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill/.


Submit the entire application packet and fee (business check or money order only) to:


Ohio Department of Health

Revenue Office


P.O. Box 15278

Columbus, Ohio


Other documentation may be requested by the ODH NATCEP Unit. Once complete, the application is reviewed in-depth for compliance with rule 3701-18.  All applications must be received no less than 60 days prior to the next approval period which is the first of all even months.  You will receive written notice of approval or a written proposal to deny approval of your application once the review is completed.

Programs expire two years from the approval date and may be renewed for additional two-year timeframes if programs provide proof of compliance. Applications and renewal fees are due at least 60 days prior to program expiration.



Why are nurse aide training programs required to teach application of restraints?

Federal law allows the use of restraints when the restraints are used to treat a resident’s medical symptoms (See 42 CFR 483.13, “Resident Behavior and Facility Practices: Restraints”). As long as federal law allows the use of restraints and Ohio nursing homes continue to use them, Ohio will continue to teach proper and safe application.

Can the PC delegate requirements of the NATCEP?

Some. All NATCEP teaching must be presented by approved PCs, PIs or Guest Lecturers (GL). However, data entry and record maintenance may be delegated at the discretion of the PC. The PC is responsible for all aspects of the NATCEP, no matter who assists with the program.