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Dining Assistant Training program

Ohio’s Dining Assistant (DA) Program has been designed to meet the requirements of Rule 3701-17-07.2  of the Administrative Code as well as provide a meaningful, practical skill development opportunity for persons wishing to be a Dining Assistant in Ohio’s long-term care facilities.

Dining Assistants help residents who may need some assistance or encouragement with eating or drinking. Dining Assistants will only be assigned to residents who do not have complex feeding problems such as IV or parental feedings, swallowing problems, or recurrent aspiration problems.

An application  must be submitted to start a new DA program. There is no application fee and no renewal required. Once approved, DA programs will submit any changes using a Report of Changes in Dining Assistant Program.

DA classes must be a minimum nine hours in length following the Program Standards and Guidelines  with at least one of those hours in the clinical setting. Students who successfully complete a DA program will receive an ODH official Certificate of Completion issued by the program.

Individuals who have not worked as a dining assistant in a nursing home for 12 consecutive months will be required to retake a DA class in order to work as such again.


Prospective Applicants to Teach DA

Submit the application and license verifications to:

Ohio Department of Health

Attn: NATCEP Unit

P.O. Box 15278

Columbus, Ohio



The application is reviewed for compliance with rule 3701-17-07.2.  You will then receive a written notice of the Director’s determination to approve or deny your Dining Assistant program.