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Review to Action Maternal Mortality: Review to Action promotes the maternal mortality review process as the best way to understand why maternal mortality in the United States is increasing and prioritize interventions to improve maternal health.  

Review to Action, Reports from Maternal Mortality Review Committees: Two reports, Reports from MMRCs: A View into Their Critical Role and Report from Nine MMRCs, both of which Ohio contributed.  

Enhancing Reviews and Surveillance to Eliminate Maternal Mortality (ERASE MM): CDC has made 24 awards, supporting 25 states for the Enhancing Reviews and Surveillance to Eliminate Maternal Mortality (ERASE MM) Program. This funding directly supports agencies and organizations that coordinate and manage Maternal Mortality Review Committees to identify, review, and characterize maternal deaths; and identify prevention opportunities.

Rapid Maternal Overdose Review (RMOR): RMOR supports six Maternal Mortality Review Committees (MMRCs), including Ohio PAMR, to review all pregnancy-associated overdose deaths in their state.


Data Validity

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Quality Improvement

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* This article discusses Ohio-specific information

Maternal Mortality Review Process

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* This article discusses Ohio-specific information


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