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Information for Contractors

Below are tabs that contain links to private water systems information for private water systems contractors. 

List of Registered Private Water System Contractors

This page provides the lists of registered private water systems contractors and water haulers.

Registered Private Water Systems Contractors

Anyone in the business of working on private water systems in Ohio must register with Ohio Department of Health (ODH) as a Private Water Systems Contractor. Click on the Private Water Systems Contractor Registration tab to get more information on registration.

The lists of registered private water systems contractors can be found using the links below.  The lists are updated as contractors are added.  Please check back if you cannot find a contractor listed or call the ODH Private Water Systems program at 614-644-7558.

Contact the ODH Private Water Systems Program for information regarding the previous year’s registration.

Registered Water Haulers

Please Note:  Private Water Systems Water Haulers are registered at the local Health District in which their business is located.  Once the company is registered and their truck is inspected and approved by their 'home' health district, the truck receives a state water hauler registration sticker which allows them to haul water anywhere within the state of Ohio.  The Ohio Department of Health relies on the local health districts who register and inspect the water haulers to provide the information about water haulers they register. If a local health district has not reported to ODH that a water hauler has been registered it will not appear on the list.

Contractor Registration To Work On A Private Water System

Who Must Register?

All companies or self-employed individuals not employed by a company, in the business of constructing, developing, installing, disinfecting, treating, inspecting, abandoning, servicing or altering all or any part of a private water system, as defined in the Ohio Administrative Code Rule 3701-28-01(QQQ), must annually register with the Ohio Department of Health.

If you are an active duty member of the U.S. armed forces, a veteran, spouse or surviving spouse of a service member or veteran, your company's registration application will be priority processed if you mark the box identifying yourself as such.

Examples of private water systems contractors whose work requires registration includes:

  • well drillers;
  • pump installers;
  • cistern installers;
  • spring developers;
  • pond installers;
  • well sealing;
  • water treatment/conditioning installers;
  • those who inspect private water systems for compliance with OAC Chapter 3701-28;
  • those who collect samples from and interpret the results or offer advice concerning the correction of problems identified by sampling; and,
  • those doing work on a private water system prior to the discharge side of any pressure tank or other storage vessel.

Who does not have to register?

Registration is not required of any person who performs labor or services as an employee under the direct supervision of a registered contractor, or any person who aids the owner with this work without compensation.

Direct supervision means that a registered water system contractor instructs and controls the person claimed to be supervised, the person is an employee of the registered contractor, and that the registered water system contractor is responsible for the actions of that person and is reasonably available if and when needed, even though such registered water systems contractor may not be physically present at the work site.

What is the registration period?

The private water systems contractor registration is an annual registration that is valid from January 1 to December 31 of each calendar year. Contractors or homeowners that register after January 1 will have a registration that is valid from the date of confirmation and processing of the completed application through December 31 of the same calendar year.

Registration Packet (2021)

All registration packets contain Registration Guides (Instructions) for different business types, a Registration Application form, Continuing Education Reporting Form, and a Registration Bond form.

No work shall begin on a private water system without confirmation of registration from the Ohio Department of Health through either the List of Registered Private Water System Contractors of a letter of acceptance for the year work is being performed. 

The List of Registered Private Water Systems Contractors for the upcoming year will be posted after December 31.  If you have questions about the registration guides or have questions about your registration status, contact the Ohio Department of Health Private Water Systems Program at 614-644-7558. 

Registration Packet (2020)

If you intend to perform work on a private water system BEFORE December 31, 2020, you must complete and submit the following registration material.

No work shall begin on a private water system without confirmation of registration from the Ohio Department of Health through either the List of Registered Private Water System Contractors or a letter of acceptance for the year work is being performed.

Please Note:  If you intend to work AFTER December 31, 2020, you must complete the 2021 Private Water Systems Contractor Registration.  The 2020 Registration ends on December 31, 2020.

Water Hauler Registration

Water Haulers - Any person or business that hauls and delivers water to hauled water storage tanks used as private water systems are required to register and have their trucks and equipment inspected once per year by the local health district in which their principal business is located in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code Rule 3701-28-16.

Landlords hauling water to tenants are also required to register and have their trucks inspected by the local health district.

OAC Rule 3701-28-01(LLLL) “Water hauler” means a contractor that is in the business of hauling potable water from a public water supply to a private water system that includes on-site hauled water tanks, cisterns and supplemental water reservoirs for wells, ponds and springs, and to public water system hauled water storage tanks defined as exempt in section 6109.02 of the Revised Code.

Effective January 1, 2020, the definition of a Water Hauler (OAC rule 3701-28-01(XXXX)) includes temporary or emergency hauled water storage tanks. 

Contact the Local Health District, in the city or county in which the business resides, about registration information and requirements for Water Haulers.

The registration period is from January 1 through December 31 of each year.  Water Haulers must register with the Local Health District and have their vehicles inspected prior to the end of each registration year for the next year’s registration.

Forms for Contractors

Permit Forms

Filing Well Logs / Sealing Reports

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Groundwater Program has moved.  The new mailing address for all correspondence, including well log and drilling reports and sealing reports, is:

ODNR Div. of Geological Survey

2045 Morse Road, Bldg. C-2

Columbus, OH 43229-6693

Please discard all pre-addressed envelopes you may have.

If you have filing questions, contact Jim Raab at 614-265-6747 or james.raab@dnr.state.oh.us.

Well log and sealing report searches may be done on the ODNR website or by calling 614-265-6740.

Completion Form for Private Water Systems

Well Logs, Completion Forms, and Sealing Reports must be completed and submitted to the Local Health District within thirty (30) days of the completion of the work you perform.


Water Treatment and Filtration Label Templates

Use these templates with your company name on them to label the disinfection and filtration component of the private water system.

OEPA District Offices

If you are working on water system for a water system with more than 15 service connections, or that serves more than 25 people more than 60 days out of the year, please contact the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) District Office of Drinking and Ground Waters prior to obtaining a permit from the local health district. The Ohio EPA will determine if you meet the requirements as a public water system. If not, contact your Local Health District to obtain a permit to construct, alter, or seal a private water system.

Types of Private Water Systems

This page provides information about wells, cisterns, hauled water storage tanks, ponds, and springs.  It also includes information on Maintenance and Continuous Disinfection.  Please click on the link below for information about the different types of private water systems.

Resource and Educational Information

This page includes the list of private water systems contractors, law and rules pertaining to private water systems, fact sheets, educational courses, and links to other State and National agencies, associations and organizations.  Please click on the link below to go to the Resource and Education page.