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Water Hauler Registration

Water Haulers  - Any person or business that hauls and delivers water to hauled water storage tanks used as private water systems are required to register and have their trucks inspected once per year by the local health district in which their principal business is located in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code Rule 3701-28-16.

Landlords hauling water to tenants are also required to register and have their trucks inspected by the local health district.

OAC Rule 3701-28-01 (LLL) states “Water hauler” means a contractor that is in the business of hauling potable water from a public water supply to a private water system that includes on-site hauled water tanks, cisterns and supplemental water reservoirs for wells, ponds and springs, and to public water system hauled water storage tanks defined as exempt in section 6109.02 of the Revised Code.

  • Acceptable Materials for Water Hauling Truck Tanks
  • Maintaining Chlorine Residuals for Hauled Water

Contact the Local Health District, in which the business resides, about registration information and requirements for Water Haulers.

The registration period is from January 1 through December 31 of each year.  Water Haulers must register with the Local Health District and have their vehicles inspected prior to the end of each registration year for the next year’s registration.

Current list of Registered Water Haulers in the State of Ohio as provided by the Local Health Districts.