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Emergencies and Private Water Systems

Emergencies occur for various different reasons which may put you and your family's health and safety at risk.  In some cases, an emergency may occur due to a mechanical or physical malfunction, such as the pump breaking down, running out of water, or a power outage.  In other cases, the emergency may be due to natural causes such as flooding or drought.

When you are affected by an emergency situation affecting your water supply, you should always contact your local health district office.  You local health district may be aware of the emergency affecting large-scale areas and may have helpful information that will help you properly deal with the emergency.  For an emergency affecting only private water system, the local health district will guide the guide through the process needed to either alter or replace the private water system.

Below are tabs for the different types of emergencies.  Each tab contains a link to the fact sheet covering that specific type of emergency.  To find your  Local Health District contact information, click here.  For a list of registered private water systems contractors, click here.

Power Outage



Out of Water

A well going dry or a well that fails to produce an adequate amount of potable water can be a stressful situation for a homeowner.  Running out of water can pose an immediate threat to the health and safety of the residents of the dwelling and may be considered an emergency if there is no alternative potable water source. 

Try to determine the cause for the lack of water.  You may need to contact a registered private water systems contractor to evaluate your system.

Once the system has been evaluated and a cause has been determined, contact a registered private water systems contractor to perform any necessary work on your system.  If the work requires a permit, one must be obtained from your local health district prior to the work being performed.

To find the contact information for your Local Health Department go to this webpage link. Click Find My Local Health Department.