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Lists of Registered PWS Contractors, Water Haulers, and Certified Laboratories

Registered Private Water Systems Contractors

Anyone in the business of working on private water systems in Ohio must register with ODH as a Private Water Systems Contractor. Homeowners, who wish to construct, alter or seal their private water systems on their primary or secondary property, are required to register (without the bonding requirement) as of April 1, 2011. Click on the links to the left for more information. 

The lists of registered private water systems contractors can be found using the links below.  The list is regularly updated, so please check back if you cannot find a contractor listed or call the private water systems program at 614-644-7558.

The last posting for 2018 Registration will be December 3, 2018.

Registered Water Haulers

Please Note:  Private Water Systems Water Haulers are registered at the local Health District in which their business is located.  Once the company is registered and their truck is inspected and approved by their 'home' health district, the truck receives a state water hauler registration sticker which allows them to haul water anywhere within the state of Ohio.  The Ohio Department of Health relies on the local health districts who register and inspect the water haulers to provide the information about water haulers they register. If a local health district has not reported to ODH that a water hauler has been registered it will not appear on the list.

Registered Property Owners

  • Contact the private water systems program, at 614-644-7558, to verify if a property owner is registered to construct, alter, or seal a private water system on their primary or secondary property. 

Registered Private Water Systems Contractors with video cameras able to conduct down-the-well camera inspections

Laboratories certified to conduct water testing for private water systems 

The private water system rules (Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701-28) require water samples collected from private water systems to be analyzed by a certified laboratory for system approval after new construction, alteration or repair. The department recommends that all water samples collected from private water systems for real estate transactions, or consumer information also be analyzed at a certified laboratory to ensure that proper procedures and water analysis methods are used to protect public health. 

Laboratories who will perform alternative analysis methods to provide a colony count after a water sample has been invalidated.

Private water system rule 3701-28-03 (S)(1) requires water samples to have a coliform CFU count.  Occasionally, the lab will be unable to provide a result due to the formation of precipitate during the analysis process.  If you have had a water sample result returned as invalidated or unable to report due to the formation of black precipitate you will need to use one of the approved alternative analysis methods for water sample coliform CFU counts.  The link below provides the contact information for certified labs which will perform one of the alternative analysis methods.  Remember these methods are only to be used AFTER a sample has been invalidated by the lab due to the formation of a precipitate.