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Electronic Laboratory Reporting

Electronic Reportable Laboratory Results Reporting (ELR)

Overview of the Program

Electronic Reportable Laboratory Results Reporting (ELR) allows Eligible Hospitals (EHs) and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) to report laboratory test results for reportable infectious diseases through an automated and secure process. Facilities export data from their laboratory information systems (LIS) in a standard file format and send it to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) electronically through a secure interface. ELR will replace paper-based reporting for most reportable infectious diseases. ELR allows for more rapid reporting to public health and reduces the amount of staff time it takes a facility to report information to public health.

Federal Requirements

ODH Policy for Meaningful Use (Effective 4/25/2016)

ODH declared readiness to accept Electronic Reportable Laboratory Results Reporting (ELR) data from EHs and CAHs according to Meaningful Use (MU) guidelines and technical standards on 3/31/2012 and continues to accept HL7 v 2.5.1 test files. If a test file is not an HL7 v 2.5.1 file, it is unacceptable for MU testing. 

If you wish to participate in ELR, please request enrollment to send ELR data at www.OhioPublicHealthReporting.infoand review the technical information. When technically and operationally ready to send test files, please complete your organization’s registration to submit data at www.OhioPublicHealthReporting.info.

Preferably, EHs and CAHs should attempt to send ELR data for all laboratory findings indicative of reportable infectious diseases for tests performed in-house. At a minimum, EHs and CAHs must send ELR data for the following diseases to meet MU guidelines (unless preliminary testing is not performed in-house):

1. Campylobacteriosis
2. Chlamydia
3. Cryptosporidiosis
4. Giardiasis
5. Gonorrhea
6. Hepatitis B
7. Hepatitis C
8. HIV
9. Pertussis
10. Salmonellosis
11. Shigellosis
12. Syphilis
13. Varicella

If the EH or CAH chooses to send lab results for only these 13 diseases by ELR, the EH or CAH must continue to report lab results for all other reportable infectious diseases in another manner per Ohio Administrative Code. The remaining reportable infectious diseases can be added over time by the EH or CAH until all reportable results are included in ELR.

Current MU Exclusion for ELR:

  • EHs or CAHs may claim an exclusion if they do not conduct any testing in-house for the 13 reportable infectious diseases listed above or if the hospital sends all such testing out to a reference lab.

Technical information

Contact information:
Email: ELR@odh.ohio.gov 
Phone: (614) 995-5599
Web: Electronic Laboratory Reporting