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Reciprocity FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Ohio Reciprocity Licenses   

1. I have new or emergency work in Ohio and do not have three days’ notice to give you for my application. May I still apply for reciprocity?

Yes, but please notify BEHRP of the situation when you apply. BEHRP understands that this can happen and will work with you to grant reciprocity.

2. Can you prorate the annual fee if I will only be working one job for one day, or if I apply too late in the year for me to be granted 180 calendar days to work? 

No, we cannot grant this request. Ohio Administrative Code rule 3701:1-38-02(N) applies a flat fee to reciprocity authorizations.

3. I am driving through Ohio with licensed radioactive materials to or from work in my home state. Am I required to apply for reciprocity in Ohio?


4. I am staying overnight in Ohio with licensed radioactive materials to or from work in my home state. Am I required to apply for reciprocity in Ohio?


5. I am a service provider and will only be taking measurements of known or suspected radioactivity in Ohio. I will not be bringing licensed materials into the state. Am I required to apply for reciprocity in Ohio?


6. I already have an Ohio reciprocity authorization for the year, but work has come up suddenly and I do not have three days’ notice to give you of my entry. Can I still take the job?

Yes, but please contact BEHRP quickly when these situations occur.

7. What is the best way to contact your organization?

Please use BEHRP’s monitored email, BRadiation@odh.ohio.gov. It is more efficient than calling or emailing individual staff members, who may not be in the office.

8. I would like to rent a storage locker in Ohio and keep my licensed radioactive materials in it between jobs. Is this allowed under reciprocity? 

No. This request is only available under a specific license.

9. My radioactive material license is close to expiration. May I still be granted reciprocity in Ohio?

Yes, you may, but conditions apply. You may either submit a Timely Filed letter from your licensing agency to show that your license renewal is pending, or BEHRP can write your reciprocity to end with the expiration shown on you license and update it with the end of the calendar year date when you are able to submit the renewal itself or a Timely Filed letter.

10. If I decide that I have enough business in Ohio to warrant obtaining a specific license, may I continue working under my reciprocity authorization past 180 days while my license is pending?

Yes, BEHRP may allow this if you contact us ahead of time and if your license submittal is timely and complete.

11. Why do you require notification of dates and location of my entry into Ohio for work if I have been granted reciprocity?

Ohio Administrative rule 3701:1-38-02(H) requires this notification. In order to inspect a certain number of reciprocity licensees each year, BEHRP must know when and where to find you. BEHRP also monitors how many days you are here since you are only allowed 180 days under reciprocity.

12. We will have multiple staff members or multiple sites to visit during a work entry. Does this change the number of days we need to document? 

No. You can send any number of staff or visit any number of facilities in a given work entry. You only need to account for the start and stop dates and the locations.

13. How do I pay my reciprocity authorization fee?

You will be invoiced the fee after you apply, and will be given options to pay by check or credit card. Please do not send a fee with your application.

14. I will always or usually want to work under reciprocity in Ohio. Can you automatically continue my reciprocity authorization?

No, BEHRP cannot grant this request. It is incumbent on the licensee to apply for reciprocity each new calendar year, prior to commencement of work, or risk being in violation of Ohio Administrative Code rule 3701:1-38-02(N).


15. What if I have additional questions?

Contact us by one of the methods listed below.

Mailing Address:
Ohio Department of Health
Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection
Radioactive Materials Licensing and Inspection Program
246 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Telephone: (614) 644-2727
Emergency Telephone: (614) 722-7221

Fax: (614) 466-0381
E-mail: Bradiation@odh.ohio.gov