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Sanitarian Registration Fees and Forms

Sanitarian Registration Fee Schedule

Application Fees

Sanitarian-in-Training             $80.00
Advancement to Registered Sanitarian   $80.00
Registered Sanitarian     $160.00
Reinstatement     $210.00
Examination - Board Administered    $165.00
Examination - Online        $265.00
Approved Training Agency Application   $54.00


Renewal Fees

Registered Sanitarian $90.00
Sanitarian-in-Training $90.00
Approved Training Agency Renewal  $27.00


Late Renewal Fee  $75.00
Copies of Public Documents   $.03
Duplicate Wall Certificate      $5.00


Sanitarian Registration Forms

License Applications

To apply for registration as an SIT or RS, please visit the licensure portal.

Continuing Education