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Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation
Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation
Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation
The Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Program is a program in the Bureau of Maternal, Child, and Family Health in the Ohio Department of Health (ODH).

The Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Program is a state-administered program that operates within ODH. TUPCP receives funding from the CDC and other grants, state general revenue funds, and other funding sources. The program promotes healthy outcomes in adults, children, and babies by limiting the effects of tobacco and tobacco smoke by taking steps to lower smoking rates.

Major components of the program include Prevention, Cessation, Enforcement and Data and Statistics. 

Prevention: This area of the website focuses on preventing young people from starting using tobacco products. It contains educational resources, marketing materials and other important information to help prevent young people from trying tobacco products. 

Cessation: This area of the website focuses on helping those who already use tobacco products to quit. It contains education, marketing materials, fact sheets, and a database of cessation service providers. This area focuses mostly on the impact of the Quitline and directing people to the Quitline and Quitline website. 

Enforcement: This area of the website focuses on enforcing tobacco and smoke-free policies. It also includes information for the implementation of smoke and tobacco-free policies in local jurisdictions. 

Data and Statistics: This area of the website focuses on Ohio specific tobacco and smoking-related data and statistics.


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Christine started smoking in high school to fit in, and continued to smoke for many years. She was diagnosed with oral cancer in her early 40s. She lost her teeth and had half of her jaw removed. In this video, Christine talks about the moment when she finally realized the effects of smoking—year after year and cigarette after cigarette—and decided to quit.

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