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TB Manual Chapter 16: Infection Control

TB Manual Chapter 16: Infection Control outlines infection control measures that are fundamental to reducing the spread of communicable diseases like tuberculosis (TB). This chapter outlines the hierarchy of infection control measures: administrative controls, environmental controls, and personal respiratory protection. It provides direction and guidance on the difference between masks and respirators, the importance of two-step Tuberculin skin testing (TST), isolation of a patient with TB to reduce transmission, and determining infectiousness. Further, negative air pressure rooms, a form of airborne infection isolation (AII) is outlined for hospitals, as well as hospital discharge for drug-susceptible TB and multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB). This chapter also applies the hierarchy of infection control measures to a patient’s home, and residential settings. It also provides guidance on return to work, school, and other social settings, directions for close contacts of TB patients depending on their transportation vehicles, and infection control in patient care facilities.

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