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TB Manual Chapter 4: TB Notifications

TB Manual Chapter 4: TB Notifications outlines the notification system, evaluation, and treatment of immigrants and/or refugees entering the United States with Class A or B conditions, specifically medical screenings of persons with tuberculosis (TB) classifications after their arrival at ports of entry to the United States. They are reported to CDC’s Division of Global Migration and Quarantine (DGMQ). The DGMQ notifies state and local health departments of refugees and immigrants with TB classifications who are moving to their jurisdictions. This chapter outlines the different classifications of applicants for immigration: No TB Classification, Class A TB with wavier; Class B1 TB, Pulmonary; Class B1 TB, Extrapulmonary; Class B2 TB, LTBI Evaluation, Class B3 TB, Contact Evaluation. It also includes patient follow-up and treatment after the immigration paperwork so that complete evaluation for TB disease is done as well as the evaluation activities/tasks that should be done for B1 and B2 arrivals.

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