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X-ray Equipment Inspection


The X-ray Program is responsible for inspecting facilities that use x-ray equipment and businesses that install x-ray equipment in Ohio.  Health physics inspectors travel throughout Ohio performing inspections on approximately 7,300 x-ray machines at 3,300 facilities annually.


Quality Assurance Items Reviewed at Inspection

-Current certificate of registration

-Regulations applicable to facility type

-Prior violations and corrective action review

-Notice-to-Employees postings

-Operator training

-Personnel monitoring

-Radiologic licenses

-Preventative maintenance

-Quality control tests: daily, monthly, quarterly

-Area radiation surveys

-X-ray equipment inventory

-X-ray equipment safe operating procedures

-X-ray equipment receipts, transfers and disposals

-Fluoroscopic equipment: tests by the medical physicist (radiation expert)

-Computed tomography equipment: tests by the medical physicist (radiation expert)

-Radiation therapy equipment: tests by the medical physicist (radiation expert)

-Any self-referral approval letters

-Any Food & Drug Administration (FDA) X-ray equipment variances


X-ray Equipment Tests Performed at Inspection

-Exposure, kVp and timer reproducibility

-kVp and timer accuracy

-Half-value layer

-Exposure switch position and function

-Entrance-skin exposure for examination

-Collimator and light field congruency

-Collimator beam size an alignment factors

-Safety interlocks


Inspection Time

It takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to review the quality assurance documents and 15 to 20 minutes for every x-ray unit at small facilities.  Hospital inspections take 1-5 days based on facility size and the organization of their documents.


Inspection Frequency


The following is a listing of the frequency for radiation-generating equipment inspections.

 Facility Type



  3 years


  3 years


  3 years


  5 years


  3 years


  2 years

 Mobile Health Care

  2 years
  3 years
  3 years
  3 years
  3 years

Inspection Fee

The following is a listing of the current radiation-generating equipment inspection fees. 

 Inspection type Fee
 Assembler $380.00
 Dental $155.00
 Each Additional Dental $77.00
 First Medical Radiologic $307.00
 Each Additional Radiographic $163.00

 First Radiation Therapy < 250 kVp


 Each Additional Radiation Therapy <  250 kVp




 Each Radiation Therapy > = 250kVp



 Each Veterinary



 Each Non-Medical Analytical or Cabinet



Each Non-Medical Radiographic



 Each Non-Medical > 250 kVp


Hospital 1-10 Tubes



Hospital 11-25 Tubes



Hospital > 25 Tubes


General Documents

The following are public guidance documents to assist facilities in preparation for inspections.

Guidance Documents

Revision Date

Instructions to Individuals


Instructions to Workers


No Approvals for Self-Referral CT Scans –
Question and Answers


Preparing for your inspection

Rule Listing by Facility Type


Notice to Employees



Rule Guidance


The following are public guidance documents to assist facilities in preparation for inspections and give a general explanation for how to comply with a rule.


*Guidance for rule numbers without a hyperlink are currently under development.

                   Guidance Chapter 3701:1-66 -                   Medical Radiation-Generating Equipment

Guidance Revision Date

  3701:1-66-02 - General administrative requirements


  3701:1-66-04 - Quality assurance program


  3701:1-66-05 - Radiographic equipment


  3701:1-66-06 - Dental equipment


  3701:1-66-07 - Fluoroscopic equipment


  3701:1-66-08 - Mammography equipment


  3701:1-66-10 - Computed tomography equipment


  3701:1-66-11 - Bone densitometry equipment


 3701:1-66-17 - Medical screening and research



             Guidance Chapter 3701:1-67 -          Therapy Radiation-Generating Equipment

Guidance Revision Date

  3701:1-67-02 - General administrative requirements


  3701:1-67-04 - Quality management program


  3701:1-67-05 - Therapy equipment < 1 MV


  3701:1-67-06 - Therapy equipment = or > 1 MV


  3701:1-67-07 - Survey and dosimetry instruments


  3701:1-67-08 - Shielding design and survey requirements


  3701:1-67-09 - Quality assurance


  3701:1-67-10 - Electronic brachytherapy


  3701:1-67-11 - Other uses for electronic RGE for   therapeutic purposes


  3701:1-67-12 - Unintended treatment deviations and medical events



                      Guidance Chapter 3701:1-68 -                  Non-Medical Radiation-Generating Equipment

Guidance Revision Date

  3701:1-68-02 - General requirements


  3701:1-68-03 - Radiographic systems


  3701:1-68-04 - Analytical systems


  3701:1-68-05 - Particle accelerator systems


  3701:1-68-06 - Cabinet systems


Contact us

Inspection questions or complaints may be directed to any of the following:

Mailing Address:
Ohio Department of Health
Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection – X-ray Program
246 North High Street – 7th floor
Columbus, OH 43215

E-mail: Bradiation@odh.ohio.gov

Telephone: (614) 644-2727
Fax: (614) 466-0381