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A New Day in Public Health in Ohio!
A New Day in Public Health in Ohio!

"It’s a new day in public health in Ohio,” says Director of Health Amy Acton, MD, MPH. As part of National Public Health Week celebrations, Director Acton has challenged ODH employees to show what public health means to them.

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“Our epidemiologists, including Andrea (pictured standing next to a poster she led the analyses/writing for), are critical members of our team.” -ODH employee Reena O-F.



“One way that I embody public health is by exercising. Sometimes in a traditional sense, but also by hooping. When I hoop, or let others use my hoop, the first thing I notice is lots of smiles and joyful laughing.” -ODH employee Corina K.



The ODH Early Childhood Health staff (pictured) display what public health means to each of them.



Submitted by ODH employee Kevin P.



“Public health means taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves.” -ODH employee Gayle M.



“I love working in the Cancer Registry. Our job is very important. We are going to find the reason for the cancers and how to stop them.” -ODH employee Sheri S. (pictured with other ODH cancer program staff).



“Recruiting the best interns at OSU.” -ODH employee John B. 



Submitted by ODH employee Dave H.



“I believe part of public health is what happens in the home. Our two dogs, Piper and Milo, contribute to my family’s health by providing companionship and a sense of responsibility to us.” Submitted by ODH employee Jim C.



“Public Heath is my caring friends, co-workers and supervisors…my heroes working to change lives for the better, for every Ohioan every day.” Submitted by ODH employee Molly K.



"My passion (because of the impact of Dr. Acton's classes) has been honed in on the intersection between risk factors/ health outcomes between maternal/infant populations and human trafficking survivors (HTS)." -ODH employee Carra G.

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