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Immunization Protects All Of Us

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Don’t Wait. Vaccinate!

A Message from the Ohio Department of Health Immunization Program

August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM). In celebration of NIAM, the Ohio Department of Health is reminding Ohioans of the importance of scheduling well visits and getting vaccinated against viruses that can cause serious illness.

In the United States, vaccines have greatly reduced infectious diseases that once routinely harmed or killed many infants, children, and adults. However, the viruses and bacteria that cause vaccine-preventable diseases still exist and can cause illness in people who are not protected by vaccines. Every year, tens of thousands of Americans still suffer serious health problems, are hospitalized, and even die from diseases that could be prevented by vaccines. Protect your health and the health of your family. Make sure you and your loved ones are up-to-date on recommended vaccines. Schedule a well visit with your child’s healthcare provider today.

Here’s why you shouldn’t wait:

  • Many vaccine-preventable diseases are still common in the U.S.
  • Those that are not common here are still found in other parts of the world, and can be a threat.
  • Some of these diseases are very contagious.
  • Any of these diseases could be serious – even for healthy people.
  • Certain people may be at higher risk for getting some diseases or having more serious illness if they were to get sick, like young children, older adults, and those with health conditions.
  • In addition to administering vaccinations at a well visit, your child’s healthcare provider will also conduct a physical examination to ensure your child is healthy head-to-toe.

Vaccines are our best protection against a number of serious, and sometimes deadly, diseases. Every year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other medical experts update vaccine recommendations for children, teens, and adults based on the latest research and evidence-based science on vaccine safety, effectiveness, and patterns of vaccine-preventable diseases.

You have the power to protect yourself and the ones you love. Talk to your healthcare provider about which vaccines are right for you and your family.

Getting Vaccinated

Most private health insurance plans cover the cost of recommended vaccines. Vaccines are available at doctor’s offices, as well as other convenient locations such as pharmacies, workplaces, community health clinics, and local health departments. The Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program helps provide vaccines to children whose parents or guardians may not be able to afford them. Medicare and Medicaid also cover a number of vaccines for adults.

To learn more about vaccines, visit: odh.ohio.gov, keyword immunization.