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A New Day in Public Health in Ohio!
A New Day in Public Health in Ohio!

"It’s a new day in public health in Ohio,” says Director of Health Amy Acton, MD, MPH. As part of National Public Health Week celebrations, Director Acton has challenged ODH employees to show what public health means to them.

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“My family from the Michigan Women’s Music Festival. that at its peak was 10,000 women cooking, camping and enjoying music and workshops in the woods! That was a public health challenge to keep everything safe and healthy!” -ODH employee Cathy M. 



“Public Health is working out after work!” -ODH employees in the fitness center.



The ODH School Nursing Program staff (pictured) display what public health means to each of them.



“I am grateful to work in a field that can have a positive impact on the quality of life for others. Public health is making sure our children (and grandchildren) can grow and thrive in our state!” -ODH employee Angie N. (with grandson Austin). 



ODH BMCFH staff show what public health means to them.



“Even though I work in the IT department here at ODH, public health has a very profound effect on my family.  My wife Julie is an NP at OSU and diabetes management/health is very important to us.” ODH employee James H. 



“Public Health means working together to help eliminate tuberculosis.” -ODH employee Kevin S. 



ODH Vision and Hearing Screening staff demonstrate the best in public health every day.



ODH Government Affairs advocating for Public Health at the Statehouse.

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