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A New Day in Public Health in Ohio!
A New Day in Public Health in Ohio!

"It’s a new day in public health in Ohio,” says Director of Health Amy Acton, MD, MPH. As part of National Public Health Week celebrations, Director Acton has challenged ODH employees to show what public health means to them.

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ODH is prepared to respond to emergencies. Submitted by ODH employee L. Himes 



“Registering births for new moms is public health!” -ODH employees



“Issuing birth and death certificates supports public health initiatives.” -ODH employees



“It's the details that are vital. Vital events embody public health” -ODH employees



“Supporting stakeholders to help advance public health!” -ODH employees



“Statistics are at the core of public health!” -ODH employees



“Public health evolves over time but never lessens in its importance which is everything!” -ODH employees



“Public health is Ohio’s babies!” -ODH employees 



“This is public health!” -ODH Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Prevention Program

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