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A New Day in Public Health in Ohio!
A New Day in Public Health in Ohio!

"It’s a new day in public health in Ohio,” says Director of Health Amy Acton, MD, MPH. As part of National Public Health Week celebrations, Director Acton has challenged ODH employees to show what public health means to them.

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“This is what public health means to me.” -ODH employee Mallory M. 



“This is what public health means to me.” -ODH employee Mary S.



“Public Health is having infrastructure that makes physical activity appealing, safe, and accessible.” -ODH employee Jenna B. 


“We coordinate people and resources to strengthen Ohio’s response to HIV –– preventing new infections, reducing disparities, and improving the lives of those affected.” -ODH employee Zach R.



“Preventing disease by staying active is public health.” -ODH employee Amy B. 



“This is public health.” -ODH employee Reena K.



"To me public health means doing everything in my power to efficiently get screening results to doctors so we can save the babies!" -ODH employee Chelsea Z.



“Keeping the community safe, detecting possible problems before they become life threatening for newborns, ensuring quality of life for others, preventing problems down the road.” -ODH employee Sara N.



“Public health to me means changing a baby's life for the better with five drops of blood.” -ODH employee David B. (pictured with other newborn screening staff)



“Public health means to me:  team work to save lives.” -ODH employee Xueyan Y.

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